AFX Parts

Replacement Parts.

See Each Image For Details.

Guide Pins
X13ImageCloseGuide PinAluminum Body with Stainless Steel Pin$2
X13PImageCloseGuide PinSuper Strong Engineering Plastic - Includes (2)$3
X15ImageCloseScrewsFlat Head Stainless Steel Screws To Replace The Cluster Gear Rivet - Includes (4)$2
Spacers and Axle Retainers
X17ImageCloseRetainersFront Axle Retainers for .047" Axles - Includes (2)$2
X16ImageCloseRetainersFront Axle Retainers for 1/16" Axles - Includes (2)$2
X01NImageCloseSpacersNylon Wheel Spacers - Set of (8)$2
X01DImageCloseSpacersDelrin Wheel Spacers - Set of (8)$2
X01SImageCloseSpacersStainless Steel Wheel / Crown Gear Spacers - Set of (8)$2
X01S-.15ImageCloseSpacers.015" Stainless Steel Wheel / Crown Gear Spacers - Set of (8)$2