New Products!


JW'S - T-Jet bodies on sale!

Subject to in stock!

No drilling or color choice!

$7.50 each, until there gone!


JW'S - T-Jet Hot Rod/INDY Independent Front Ends!

Silicone front tires!

Black Plastic, White Plastic, Brass, and Aluminum!

F18 - $7.95 set.!


JW'S - T-Jet Dyno and Break-In Box!

We will be making a small limited run of T-Jet Dyno's.

E-mail me if your interested in one!

DB-01 - Sold Out!


JW'S - New Fair Grounds Front End!

Available in Brass, Plastic, and Aluminum!

Select Soft or Firm Silicone Tires.

Part Number - F17 for Pin Retainers - $7.95.

Part Number - E17 for Plastic Retainers - $7.95.


JW'S - P20 - Special Guide Pin Nut and Screw!

JW'S - P20 - is a great way to test & tune your T-Jet chassis without having to install the body!

This helps save the threads in your bodies screw posts.

Includes one nut and screw, guide pin not included!

Part Number - (P20) - $1.95.


JW'S new T-Jet/AFX/JL 15 Tooth Crown gear for use with 14 tooth drive pinion gear!


AF Blend, PTFE-Filled Delrin crown gears are also available!

Order Part Number with a (-P) for above crown gear.

$5.95 each - or $5.00 each for 6 or more!


JW'S has started making new slip-on silicone tires!


JW'S New Silicone Compound, - New Prices, - Great Traction!

New Tire Sizes (T14 - wide, .188 dia., fits W06 Wheel), and (T15 - wide, .275 dia., fits W12 Wheel).

$2.00 pair CNC ground to size, $.75 pair, not ground.


JW'S New armature truer!!

Trueing disks included!
Part Number (P19) - $4.95.
Extra disks order Part Number (X20) - $1.50.

JW'S New Wide .188 Dia. Wheels and Tires.!!

Ground Tires (T14-.000) and Not Ground Tires (T14-U) Tires.
Wheels (W06) available in Standard and Pro.
Available in Brass, Aluminum, Black and White Plastic.
W06 - $2.75. W06P - $2.95.
T14-.000 - $2.50, T14-U - $.75.

JW'S New F07 & E07 T-Jet Wide Tire Front Ends.!!

Tires can be run flat or tapered, and are 3/32" wide.
Part Numbers, F07/E07, F07L/E07L, and F07X/E07X - $6.95.
Available in Brass, Aluminum, Black and White Plastic.
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